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Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

STS published its gender pay gap report on 19th March 2020, which contains the following data:

Item Percentage
Mean gender pay gap -9.9%
Median gender pay gap -23.9%
Mean bonus gender pay gap -84.3%
Median bonus gender pay gap -508.6%
Proportion of males receiving bonus 95.2%
Proportion of females receiving bonus 100%

Proportion of males in each quartile band

Quartile Percentage
Lower quartile 99.0%
Lower middle quartile 98.0%
Upper middle quartile 92.0%
Upper quartile 89.0%

Proportion of females in each quartile band

Quartile Percentage
Lower quartile 1.0%
Lower middle quartile 2.0%
Upper middle quartile 8.0%
Upper quartile 11.0%

The nature of the work undertaken across the Company, and the fact that careers in the tyre industry have been historically more appealing to men, is reflected in the fact that we do not employ a significant number of women. Typically, our female staff are in head office roles such as marketing and administration as opposed to driving tyre delivery vehicles or working in our distribution depots.

Wataru Go
Managing Director